Abilene is situated within easy driving distance to many good public waters that contain good populations of fish. . Listed below are locations and information from the local district inland fisheries division of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's Big Country Angler's Guide as well as information from other sources. Some of the fish populations in some smaller lakes have been devastated by the severe drought conditions and in some cases by golden algae. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is restocking these bodies of water as soon as conditions improve for optimum success.

Lake Locator Map
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  Jones County   Callahan County

Lake Fort Phantom (N)


Lake Baird (B)


New Hamlin Lake


Lake Clyde (G)


North Anson Lake (X)


Lake T&P (AL)


Stamford City Lake


South Anson Lake

  Coleman County

Lake Coleman (H)

  Runnels County  

Old Coleman (Memory) (Z)


Elm Creek Lake


Hords Creek Lake (P)


New Ballinger Lake


O.H. Ivie (AA)


Valley Creek Lake


Lake Talpa (AJ)


Winters-Elm Creek (AN)


Lake Scarborough (AD)

Taylor County      

Lake Sealy and San Tana (AE)

Lake Abilene (A)

  Haskell County    

Cal Young Park (E)


Lake Stamford (AG)


Lake Buffalo Wallow

      Brown County

Lake Kirby (R)

  Throckmorton County  

Lake Brownwood (D)

Nelson Park (U)


Lake Throckmorton (AK)


Fabis Lake


Lake Woodson (AO)


Riverside Park Lake

Nolan County        

Lake Sweetwater (AI)

  Shackleford County   Stephens County

Lake Trammel (AM)


Lake McCarty (T)


Lake Hubbard (Q)


Lake Daniels (I)

Eastland County   Young County    

Lake Bernie (C)


Newcastle Lake (AB)

  Coke County

Lake Cisco (F)


Old Newcastle Lake (AB)


Oak Creek Lake (Y)

Lake Eastland


Lake Graham-Eddleman (O)


Lake Ringling


Lake Leon (S)



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