Lake Graham-Eddleman

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Location: Young County near Graham

Fishing cover/structure: When the lake is full,Lake Graham offers a variety of cover. Aquatic vegetation including smartweed, bulrush and American lotus is scattered throughout the lake. There is also buttonbush, boat docks, standing timber, brush, rip-rap and black willow trees.

3000 acres
  Water clarity: 1 to 3 feet and chalky brown to green colored
  Comments:Lake Graham is a power plant lake. The hot water discharge is located in the Lake Eddleman part of the lake. This is an excellent area during the winter, especially for hybrid striped bass and white bass. The lake supports good populations of hybrid striped bass and white bass as well as catfish. Populations of white crappie and largemouth bass are inconsistent. Public access is limited. Florida largemouth bass were introduced in 1979.
Distance from Abilene:
100 miles
Game Fish Present:
Bluegill, channel catfish, flathead catfish, hybrid striped bass, large mouth bass, white bass, white crappie
Lake Records: (as of March 1, 1996)
Species: Weight: Length: Angler: Date:
Blue catfish        
Channel catfish 3.81 21.25 Chris Cook 04/07/94
Flathead catfish 48.00 47.00 William Parton 10/14/93
Freshwater Drum
Hybrid striped bass 9.43 29.25 Sheila Boucher 06/05/94
Largemouth bass


21.50 Donald Morgan 09/15/93
Red Bellied Pacu
Smallmouth Buffalo 21.50 32.50 Cyndi Davis 04/23/94
White bass
White crappie 1.68 15.50 Charles Herring 08/27/93

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