Lake Abilene

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Location: Taylor County near Buffalo Gap and Abilene

Fishing cover/structure: When full, there are black will trees and dead brush, rip-rap along the dam and some rocky ledges at the southeast end of the lake. When water levels are low there is very limited cover or structure: sunken brush piles and rip-rap along the dam are the only know cover/structure.

640 acres
  Water clarity: 3 to 18 inches and red colored
  Comments: Lake Abilene closes at sunset and opens at sunrise. The lake is located iin close proximity to Abilene State Park, which offers scenic camping, picnicking, nature trails, and a small fishing pund. This is a popular float-tube fishing lake and is know for its large white crappie. Stories of catching 3-pound white crappie are common. A popular technique for catching these large white crappie is flipping 6-inch plastic worms in dead brush when white crappie are spawning in the spring. Numbers of large-mouth mass are produced. A few years later, 2 to 4 pound largemouth bass are plentiful. Hybrid striped bass were last stocked in 1979, and as of 1996, some individuals still existed. Future stockings of hybrid striped bass in Lake Abilene are unlikely. A few large blue catfish and flathead catfish are present, and small channel catfish are fairly abundant. Florida largemouth bass were introduced in 1988.
Distance from Abilene:
10 miles
Game Fish Present:
Bluegill, blue catfish, channel catfish, flathead catfish, hybrid striped bass, large mouth bass, white crappie
    2002 Drought condition update: During the present drought, Lake Abilene lost almost all of its water. The Inland Fisheries Division of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department eliminated the few remaining rough fish that were present in foot or so of remaining water. A game fish restocking program continues as the small lake has caught new water in the recent rains to deluge the area. Flooded new cover promises to make this an attractive public fisheries again in the near future.
Lake Records: (as of March 1, 1996)
Species: Weight: Length: Angler: Date:
Blue catfish 49.12 44.0 Victor Aguirre 01/25/94
Flathead catfish 52.50 47.75 Larry Johnson 05/29/92
Hybrid striped bass 10.21 26.00 Rick Miller 04/22/94
White crappie 2.90 16.50 Don Warren 03/16/92

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