Lake Leon

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Location: Eastland County south of Eastland

Fishing cover/structure: For the angler that prefers a variety of cover types, Lake Leon is the place to fish. Ther are numberous boat docks, standing timber, creek channels, alligator weed, floating-leaf pondweed, brush, rocky areas, rip-rap, bulrush and American lotus.

1590 acres
  Water clarity: 1 to 6 feet and chalky brown in the far upper end to green colored in the rest of the lake.
  Comments: Lake Leon has excellent camping and lodging facilities including a full-service resor that features a wildlife park adn cabins. These excellent facilities make Lake Leon a great choice to vacation or spend a weekend with the family. Lake Leon also offers some of the best fishing in the area. Most known for its largemouth bass fishing, the lake also supports excellent populations of channel catfish, sunfish, and white bass. White bass up to 4 pounds were collected in our standard surveys in the spring of 1994. Hybrid striped bass were last stocked in 1980 and minimal numbers exist today. Public access is limited to the boat ramp areas and resorts. Florida largemouth bass were introduced in 1975.
Distance from Abilene:
68 miles
Game Fish Present:
bluegill, channel catfish, flathead catfish, hybrid striped bass, largemouth bass, redear sunfish, white bass, white crappie
Lake Records: (as of March 1, 1996)
Species: Weight: Length: Angler: Date:
Blue catfish        
Common carp        
Flathead catfish        
Hybrid striped bass        
Largemouth bass 11.69 26.13 Allen Thomas 11/12/91
Smallmouth buffalo        
Spotted gar        
White bass        
White crappie        

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