O.H. Ivie Lake

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Location: Coleman, Concho, and Runnels County near Ballinger

Fishing cover/structure: This relatively new lake is loaded with flooded dead trees and brush. In addition, there are numerous submerged ledges, creek channels, points, pond dams and humps. Recently, aquatic vegetation has appeared and is mostly located in the main lake area.

19,200 acres
  Water clarity: 2 to 10 feet and green colored
  Comments: There ae two major marinas on the lake, and both offer a variety of services. There is an access fee charged by the Colorado river Municipal Water District. Fishing is outstanding for all gamefish, but it is especially known for its largemouth bass fishing. Some public access is available around the boat ramps and marinas. A boat is the most effective way to fish O.H. Ivie Lake. Fishing guides are available. A detailed contour map of the lake can be purchased from local sporting goods stores. Florida largemouth bass were introduced in 1990.
Distance from Abilene:
Game Fish Present:
Black crappie, blue catfish, bluegill, channel catfish, flathead catfish, large mouth bass, smallmouth bass, striped bass, walleye, white bass, white crappie
Lake Records:
Species: Weight: Length: Angler: Date:
Bluegill 0.97 10.88 Harold Connelly 09/03/98
Blue catfish 43.0 42.00 Kenneth Wilson 12/21/01
Channel catfish 27.45 37 Terry Winchester 03/04/00
Flathead catfish 68.5 49.00 Sherwin Evans 05/20/96
Hybrid striped bass 10.77 27.5 Kenneth Kidd 04/28/02
Largemouth bass 14.59 26.00 Clarence Gayle 02/09/00
Smallmouth bass 4.55 20.75 Roger Malone 10/31/98
Striped bass 13.25 30.00 Sam Keel 02/10/95
White bass 2.84 19.25 Austin Terry 03/28/97
Walleye 3.31 22.00 Jim Schwarz 08/28/93
White crappie 2.74 16.5 Nina Brewer 03/09/93
Black crappie 2.31 16.0 Warren Stroud 03/26/99
Smallmouth buffalo 24.84 37.00 Paul Sternadel 05/23/99
Freshwater Drum 6.2 25.00 Melvin Rose 03/26/00

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