Lake Hubbard Creek

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Location: Stephens County near Breckenridge

Fishing cover/structure: Lake Hubbard Creek has diverse habitat. There is an abundance of standing timber, brush, boat docks, black willow trees, buttonbrush and aquatic vegetation (mostly bulrush and floating -leaf pondweed). Rocky points and ledges are common. Creek channels are excellent fish holding structure on this lake.

15,250 acres
  Water clarity: 1 to 5 feet and green colored
  Comments: Hubbard Creek Lake is one of the biggest lakes in the area. A contour map can be purchased at local sporting goods stores. This lake is known for its excellent white crappie and white bass fishing up Hubbard Creek and Sandy Creek in the late fall, winter and early spring. A very effective technique during this time is to locate brush in 10 to 15 feet of water in the creek channel and fish a jig or minnow. Hubbard Creek Lake is also a good choice for largemouth bass anglers and catfish anglers. Bass tournaments are popular at this lake. Channel catfish and blue catfish populations are abundant, and some good-sized fish can be caught. Camping and lodging facilities are excellent. Caution is advised under windy conditions. Public access is fair for a lake of this size. Several bait shops and hotels are located along U.S. Highway 180.
Distance from Abilene:
51 miles
Game Fish Present:
Blue catfish, bluegill, channel catfish, flathead catfish, hybrid striped bass, large mouth bass, white bass, white crappie
Lake Records: (as of March 1, 1996)
Species: Weight: Length: Angler: Date:
Blue catfish        
Flathead catfish        
Hybrid striped bass 12.52 27.00 Larry Ringener 05/18/96
Largemouth bass 12.60 26.00 Alan Yaw 01/09/92
White bass        
White crappie 1.76 15.00 Lee Buchanan 01/08/94
Smallmouth buffalo 13.64 28.00 Joe McCauley 04/07/96

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