Cephus Minter
Angler of the Year

Congratulations to our club top six winners:  Zack Hines - AOY; Cary Hogue - 2nd; Cliff Hallford - 3rd; Michael Pruitt - 4th; Jack Wills- 5th; Floyd Kaerwer - 6th.


February 4th tournament is on Lake Brownwood from 7:30 - 3:00. Register at the ramp at the dam.  Seniors tournament on Tuesday, February 13th from 7:30 to 3:00.  Register at the northwest.  See you there


Brad Dubert
2023 Senior
Angler of the Year

Congratulations to our senior tour top six winners;  Brad Dubert - AOY; Tom Bassett - 2nd; Mike Pruitt - 3rd;  Donnie Fraser - 4th; Floyd Kaerwer - 5th; Richard Rhodes - 6th.


The 2024 February Senior Tournament
at Fort Phantom Hill

On a beautiful, calm 2nd Tuesday morning in February our senior tournament started out with wonderful optimism of a good fishing day. Twenty-three fishermen entered the tournament and fourteen managed to weigh at least one fish. Floyd Kaerwer won 1st Place with a three fish stringer of 19.92 pounds and the Big Bass of the tournament at 7.56 lbs. Tom Bassett won second place with three fish at 16.41 lbs anchored with a 6.62 lb fish.  Mike Freeman won third with a three fish string at 12.33 lbs anchored with a 6.71 lb bass.  A total of 26 fish were weighed for a total of 109.79 pounds and a 4.22 pound average.

Floyd Kaerwer - 1st Place and Big Bass Winner; Tom Bassett - 2nd place; Mike Freeman - third place

2024 February Club Tournament at Lake Brownwood


Our club tournament on the first Saturday in February at Lake Brownwood was a nice day for the first tournament of the year. We had 35 people enter the tournament in which only 20 fishermen weighed fish. First place went to Zack Hines with a three fish stringer at 14.55 pounds. Second place went to Jacob Buchannan with 3 fish at 11.66 pounds and big bass of the tournament at 7.6 pounds. Randy Sullivan took 3rd place with a three fish stringer that weighed 9.24 pounds.  Forty fish were weighed for 110.92 pounds and a 2.77 pound average

Sorry about the lack of photos for this tournament.  We'll do better next time.


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