Floyd Kaerwer
Angler of the Year
The 2019 Still Waters bass tournament season ended on a tremendous note at Lake Fort Phantom.  Both the senior tournament and the regular club tournament combined to weigh over 500 pounds of bass within a calendar week in December.  That is just crazy good fishing.   The final standing are set and we have our top six finishers for both groups. The regular club standing ended with Floyd Kaerwer as the AOY; Cary Hogue - 2nd; Randell Graham - 3rd; Jason Guest - 4th; Mike Pruitt - 5th; and Cliff Hallford - 6th.  For the Seniors the year ended with Mike Pruitt as the AOY; Brad Dubert - 2nd; Dewey Nichols - 3rd; Scotty McCorkle - 4th; Robert Hallford - 5th; and Randell Graham - 6th.

Mike Pruitt
2019 Senior
Angler of the Year


The December Senior Tournament at Lake Phantom

Fourteen anglers fished Lake Phantom on this foggy and cold December Wednesday.  Brad Dubert took first place with three fish at 18.96 lbs. and had the big bass of the tournament at 9.02 lbs.  Dale Carroll weighed three fish for second place at 14.79 lbs. anchored with a 6.92 lb. bass.  Randell Graham took thid place with three fish that weighed 13.17 anchored with a 7.39 lb. bass. We had 14 anglers weigh 31fish for a total of 123.99 lbs. and a 3.99 lb. average. What a nice ending to a great year fishing with the seniors of Still Waters Bass Club.
Brad Dubert - 1st place;
Dale Carroll - 2nd place

December 2019 Club Tournament at Lake Fort Phantom

Thirty-nine people and one guest fished on what turned out to be a beautiful December day with 102 fish being weighed in for 397.97 lbs and a 3.90 average.  What a day and what a way to end the year!!  Monster bass, 37 of 39 people weighed fish; family and friends at the weighin; and we even had fresh baked cookies!  Thank you JoLynn Hightower!!  Congratulations to the winners. 1st place -- Randell Graham - 3 fish @ 17.73 anchored with the Big Bass of the tournament at 10.81 lbs.  2nd place -- Roel Guerra - 3 fish @ 15.94 anchored wth the 2nd Big Bass of the tournament at 10.10 lbs.  3rd place -- Floyd Kaerwer -- 3 fish at 15.18 lbs.  Lucky 13th was Tom Salisbury with 3 fish @ 12.54 lbs. 

Randell Graham - 1st place; Roel Guerra - 2nd place; Floyd Kaerwer - 3rd place; Tom Salisbury - lucky 13th
Randell Graham -- 10.81 lbs
Roel Guerra -- 10.10
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