Lake Bernie

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Location: Eastlan County east of Abilene and north of Cisco

Fishing cover/structure: Rip-rap dam, willow trees, some bulrush.

42 acres
  Water clarity: 3 to 12 inches and chalky-brown colored
  Comments: Lake Bernie is difficult to access because of poor road conditions. Entry requires opening a gate near the lake. Most of the surrounding property is private. Populations of game fish are minimal; however, sometimes these little reservoirs can provide surprisingly good fishing.
Distance from Abilene:
50 miles
Game Fish Present:
Bluegill, channel catfish, flathead catfish, large mouth bass, white crappie
    2002 Drought condition update:
Lake Records: (as of March 1, 1996) No official lake records exist as of December 1, 1995
Species: Weight: Length: Angler: Date:
Blue catfish        
Flathead catfish        
Hybrid striped bass        
Largemouth bass        
White crappie        

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