Lake Throckmorton

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Location: Throckmorton County near Throckmorton, Texas

Fishing cover/structure: Some button brush and black willow trees are scattered around the shoreline. Other cover and structure includes standing timber in the upper end, rocky shorelines and ledges, and fence lines.

139 acres
  Water clarity: 1 to 3 feet and green-brown colored
  Comments: This lake supports excellent largemouth bass and catfish populations. Throwing medium to deep-diving crankbaits along rocky ledges is effective when the lake is full. When low, "bumping stumps" with spinnerbaits is exciting. Troutlining for channel and flathead catfish is a popular technique at Lake Throckmorton. Bluegills are not abundant. White crappie abundance can fluctuate greatly from year to year. Florida largemouth bass were intruduced in 1988.
Distance from Abilene:
86 miles
Game Fish Present:
Bluegill, channel catfish, flathead catfish, largemouth bass, white crappie
Lake Records: No official lake records exist as of March 1, 1996
Species: Weight: Length: Angler: Date:
Blue catfish        
Flathead catfish        
Hybrid striped bass        
Largemouth bass        
White crappie       01/29/92

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