Cliff Hallford 2018 Angler of the Year

The September 26th club meeting will be held at Pioneer Drive Baptist Church at 7:00 p.m. in room 111. (enter on the northeast side of the building).  We will be choosing our lakes for the Classic 350 and the Senior Team Tournament.

Mike Pruitt
2018 Senior
Angler of the Year

The September Senior Tournament at Hubbard Creek

Twenty-three anglers showed up to fish Lake Hubbard on this clear bright September Tuesday.  Fifteen anglers weighed fish with Bobby Maynard taking first place and weighed the big bass of the day at 7.63 lbs and a three fish stringer weighing 15.57 lbs.  Butch Willingham weighed a nice three fish string for second place that weighed 12.01 lbs.  Robert Hallford took third place with a three fish stringer weighing 10.27 lbs. We had 23 anglers weigh 37 fish for a total of 99.05 lbs. and a 2.67 lb. average.

Bobby Maynard - 1st place, Butch Willingham - 2nd place; Robert Hallford - 3rd place

September 2019 Club Tournament at Lake Hubbard Creek

34 people fished at Hubbard Creek Lake and weighed 72 fish for a total of 192.15 lbs. and a 2.67 lb average. 1st Place was won by Zach Hineswith 3 fish for 13.50 lbs. anchored with a 5.74 lb bass.  Second place was won by Donnie Strickler with 3 fish for 11.35 lbs.  Richard Lancaster won third place with three fish for 11.12 lbs.   Cliff Hallford had the big fish of the day with an 8.07 big bass. Dale Carroll won the lucky 13th place with three fish at 7.62 lbs.  Honorable mention goes to Johnny Wood at 10.31 lbs. and Randell Graham at 9.94 lbs.

Zack Hines - 1st place; Dale Carroll - lucky 13th 
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