Need fishing info? Surf the Web!!
Galen Jons, Fisheries Biologist

The internet is an amazing place to find information. It is estimated that there are 800 million pages of text available on the internet, and that number is expected to increase by at least 10 times over the next decade. The good news is that a HUGE amount of information related to fishing is available on the net.

For example, let's say you are looking for the water level of your favorite lake or river. It may be here: | |

Knowledge of weather conditions is important for anglers. Here are a few good sites: | |

You may need a map to get to your favorite fishing spot. If so, try here: | |

Many universities distribute useful information through their extension programs. Much of that information is also available on the net, as exemplified by the following sites: | |

These sites have PLENTY of links to information about fisheries: | |

Are you looking for more information on a particular fish? Try one of these sites: |…

Are you wondering what that plant is that you saw out on the lake the other day? You may find it here: |

Interested in organizations targeting outdoors groups? Here are a few of many: | | | | | | | |

Perhaps you'd like to have an accurate time setting or get the sunrise for a particular date; you can find those here: |

These sites may give you new insight to the planet we live on (satellite and aerial views of earth): |

Looking to take a trip to a nearby state to sample their fishing? Or perhaps you'd like more information on the excellent fishing available in Texas? The following links will direct you to state conservation agencies: | |

Perhaps you'd like to find out more about a particular Texas State agency. You can find out a lot at the links below. A good start is | | |
Notice that there is a pattern where the agency initials fall in the address, making it easy to find an agency.

By the same token, many Federal government agencies are found online by typing their initials in between www and gov, such as in the following examples: | | |

Miscellaneous sites related to fishing:

· Aquatic Network -
· Bass Fishing Home Page -
· Bass Fishing Resource Guide -
· Bass Pro -
· Bass Rat Links -
· Canadian Fish. & Oceans Stats -
· Cyber Angler -
· Fish & Game Finder Mag -
· Fish Finder Search Engine -
· Fishing Hall of Fame -
· Fishing Line -
· Fishing Links -
· Fishing Net -
· Freshwater Fishing Links -

This is just a small sampling of the many websites that provide information of interest to anglers. There are many, many more, and probably some very obvious ones that I've missed. A good way to find information is to use one of the many search engines available, such as: | | | | | | |

When doing a search using more than one word, enclose the words in "double quotes", as this will help narrow the search. If you don't find what you are looking for, try one of the other search engines, as each search engine only covers about one-fourth of the information that is available on the Net. Happy Surfing!

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