Make Memories at Lake Memory
Galen Jons, Fisheries Biologist

With the recent (and ongoing?) drought taking a severe toll on some of our favorite fishing holes, many anglers are seeking alternative areas to catch fish. One local fishin' hole that remains relatively unknown is Lake Memory, also known as Old Coleman Lake. This is a small, 26-acre lake located in Coleman.

To get there, take 5th Ave. in Coleman south from State Highway 153 (turn at the flashing light). Go south approximately one-half mile and turn right onto a dirt road. This road lies between 5th and 7th Streets that are on the left side of 5th Ave. Take the dirt road west approximately eight-tenths of a mile to reach the lake. This road will take you around the backside of the lake, where you will find a fishing pier, fishing benches and an unimproved boat ramp. Boats are allowed on the lake, but use of boat motors is not allowed.

This is a picturesque lake, surrounded by trees, cattails and open areas suitable for shoreline fishing. It is also an excellent lake to fish from a tube. The water is relatively clear, and you certainly don't have to worry about recreational boaters interrupting your fishing.

Speaking of fishing, this is one of the few lakes in the Big Country that has large panfish. Eight-inch bluegills are not uncommon here, as well as some large redear and green sunfish. However, this lake offers more than just good panfishing.


Largemouth bass are abundant in this lake and can provide some fast-fishing action. Although most fish are smaller, ranging from eight to twelve inches, there are a number of larger fish. Recent electrofishing surveys showed bass up to 24 inches were present. The survey also showed that 20% of the fish collected were over the legal length limit of fourteen inches, and most of these fish were over eighteen inches in length. Translated, this means good fishing action for small bass, with a chance of catching a trophy fish and a few two- to four-pounders thrown in here and there.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department also stocked over 1,000 channel catfish in Lake Memory last fall. These fish averaged around ten inches long when stocked and should be reaching the legal minimum length limit of twelve inches sometime this year. Expect catfishing to improve at this little lake.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is cooperating with the city of Coleman to continually improve this little gem of a lake. We are currently fertilizing the lake in an effort to improve growth rates of fish and enhance overall fishing. We are also hoping to eventually improve habitat around the lake, particularly with quality submergent vegetation, again to enhance the fishery.

For more information on this unique little fishing lake, feel free to contact our office. You can also contact the Coleman Chamber of Commerce at 915-625-2163.




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